Bored in Class?

In class bored and just can’t focus for the sake of me so why not write a post about it. How do you pay attention in a monologue class? Well for one don’t be on your phone. The guy next to me chews gum but I think he does that to try to stay awake. I’m wide awake just can’t get my mind to click on the topic the instructor is teaching or his side stories. I could take notes but on what his side stories.

Now one way to refocus is to take notes from the book because even if I’m not into what the instructor is speaking I can stay in the loop reading the chapter he’s going over and take notes. Not your thing feel you might wind up snoring in the book maybe. Try making eye contact well looking toward the instructor and try to tune in. If that doesn’t work then record the lesson for later studying. While he or she talks take that time to do your assignments. Get up without interrupting the class and go to the hall to stretch get your mind cleared then go back and try to pay attention again.

Last just put all your distractions away. Try to keep up with what’s going on reading ahead looking forward even asking questions. Take hold of yourself and immerse yourself into the lesson. If all fails take a break go put some cold water on your face and snap out of it. Unless you
can afford to fail the class or drop it you need to pay attention to pass.