Random Relationship % Reasons

This is a random relationship percentages of the primary reason for divorce. It’s just a guess not accurate but interesting to read.

Percentage of couples who ask if they are meant for one another, 48%.

Women who have changed after they got married, 41%

Couples who thought they were too young, 23%

Couples who married because they were in love,51%

Those who made the commitment because they felt like it was the thing to do,38%.

Couples who got married because they wanted to have kids, 15%

Men who initiated a divorce, 45%.

Men who regretted initiating the divorce, 45%.

Now from that those:

Lament that they see their children less, 57%.

Miss coming home to someone, 28%.

Say they had a better connection with their ex- wife than they realized, 19%.

Men who say it’s tough out there for a newly single man, 15%.

Men who are still friends with their exes,26%.

Men who would get back together with their ex, 9%.

Now how did they know it was time for a divorce %:

She was cheating, 34%.

She wanted out,24%.

I wasn’t attracted to her anymore,23%.

Our sex life was on the rocks,18%.

We ran out of things to talk about,15%.

I was cheating,13%.

I was thinking of cheating,10%

I would say from all this do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. You never know where your other parts mind set is so always ask.

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