Saving Cost on the Daily IN New Jersey written by lmf

Living in New Jersey is not easy unless you have the means to do so. It’s very expensive to live in New Jersey in fact New Jersey comes in as number 9 as most tax burdened state in the country. *Data from wallet Hub a financial website. * There’s a surge of people moving out of the state due to lack of job opportunities, family considerations, tax hikes, and climate.  Living in such an expensive state takes it toll on life and people. So some just get up and leave for a better affordable way of life.

Moving to other states where there are more jobs, better climate,  housing, lower property, taxes,  and taxes period sounds good to me. But since I like many people can’t just leave I have to find ways to save money while still living in the Garden State. How do you make it work here you may ask? Well, you have to watch your coins that’s how! Here’s tips on how to save money when living in an expensive state like mine:

  1. Get a jug! SAVE YOUR CHANGE! Dump your coins into it or any large container when it’s full deposit the money into a savings account not a checking account not to spend it quickly. You will be in shock how fast  your coins add up into a small income.
  2. Just Save. If you don’t know you have it you save up pretty fast. Have your dollars and coins go into your savings automatically and you will save real fast. Transfer the fixed amount from the checking account after each pay period into the savings start small and you won’t even notice.
  3. Get  Roth. Yeah retire tax free. When you retire make sure it’s a state that doesn’t tax social security benefits. A Roth IRA won’t give a tax benefit when you contribute but money grows tax-free  is tax free when with drawn at retirement.
  4. Rainy Day Fund. Have a rainy day fund that covers three to five months of expenses.Having a rainy day fund can help you from going into debt when you lose your job. In NJ that happens  too often or it is so expensive that you cant afford it. You need an emergency fund to keep afloat or even to just move.
  5. Get a water filter.  Why keep filling bottles when you can get a filter and fill your own bottle or bottles with filtered goodness. 
  6. Insulated Shaded or Curtains. That’s right keep that money inside in the winter keep it war by keeping the heating cost down and in the summer keep it cool keeping the heat out.
  7. Envelope your budget. Shrink your spending at the start of the week or month by setting aside a set amount of cash in an envelope for every day spending. Having a an on sight of how your money is going away to bills will make you slow down useless spending because the money will be gone from the envelope super fast.
  8.  Wash your clothes in cold water. Yes, pre-soak them, pre-treat the stains and save money on hot water and wash your clothes in cold water this works at the laundry mat too you spend less not having to wash them on the heavier load. You can also. use half the soap and still get them clean since soap is concentrated and cut fryer sheets in half.
  9. Turn stuff off! When your not using something turn it off. Charge everything during the day at night unplug everything you are not using and save on that energy bill. Most energy bills can run you more than a car note if you’re not wise.
  10. Take a bath. Hey or a shorter shower. You really could save on your water bill if you cut the suds on yourself unless that is one splurge you are not willing to cut down on.

These are just some ways I survive out here in the Garden State you may have other ways to save. You can add on or maybe mine can help you as well. You have to make the best with what you have. This state is not one to play with the prices and taxes continue to go up and rent never goes down so either you survive or starve then go homeless. Find away to make ends meet. by lmf