Live Like A team player BY LMF

What better way to live life than to live as if you are part of a team all the time. This way you are not being selfish right but putting others before yourself. This is an esoteric responsibility that’s missing from our culture. When you do so you are are acting ethically you are asking oneself how do I treat others, right? How do I fit a team? What id your part? That is a positive step so don’t stop ask those questions it is a great step!

Second guess yourself, we all do it. So, do it. Question your motives. Think that terrible thought just don’t let it disturb you because guess what it’s normal we all do it. You are you the best you and that could be your second or third guess so don’t give up on yourself.

You should allow yourself to have fear. Fear is overwhelming more so to some people but it’s OK to let it over take you how you handle it is everything. Take it slow, breathe reach out to those you can trust that could be a family member, a close friend, etc just know fear is a shared experience that you can get so much shared energy from people you have around you. To overcome fear the first step is being okay with being afraid.

Physically control your emotions by asking others to check your posture or do so in a mirror. When you’re happy you can see it in your movements and your body posture your psyche will follow your body. Repeat positive mantras and walk briskly while saying them and watch how you appear.

Break big goals into small ones and have faith in yourself even when it seems no one else has. That’s the the crucial part of mental toughness. Tell yourself have faith that you’ll figure it out that you are stronger physically and mentally than you think you are. Be your biggest cheerleader and push through! Do this and you can deal with a relationship, job, mostly anything you need to accomplish. Apply this to any little step in life or big. by LMF