Bed Bug 1st Date

Usually, I don’t except a date at someones home but he was such a sweet guy so when he said he would cook a romantic meal and we would watch the newest episode of “Stranger Things” I was like sure! It was our third date we always went to a nice restaurant I wanted him to feel I was down to Earth not all about going out and spending money. He always dressed nice and from what he said he lived with his sister so to me living with a woman meant he had to have the place clean his stuff together living with a woman and all. Roger called me asking if Tuesday was OK just bring wine and my sexy self for dessert I smiled he said his sister would be at work we would have the whole apartment for ourselves. I got an uneasy feeling I thought he said he lived at a  house but I let the feeling pass  nodded into the phone confirmed I’d be over tomorrow at  5 pm.

Tuesday night came quick I was at Rogers door with the wine knocking at the door with the blue door and brown cloth covered wreath.  I smelled some kind of food coming from behind the door he didn’t really tell me what we were going to have I just prayed I could eat it without making my stink face since I was a picky eater. I was really having second thoughts but knew it was way too late now unless I wanted to dump Roger like right now. The door opened and Roger’s  5’8 frame filled the door frame and I looked him in his deep black bean eyes and forgot all my thoughts. We greeted each other with a hot wet kiss that took me from the front door into the kitchen. I opened my eyes the mess took me back, there was stuff everywhere. Sorry was the first thing out his mouth. He told he tried cleaning all day but his sister got in his way and wouldn’t let it happen the best he could do didn’t look like it to me he assumed and he was right.  I told him it was just all over how could she live like this books, papers, old objects, and food containers? How could he?  He looked so little at that moment that all I could say was let’s eat even though I had no appetite I just wanted the night to end faster.  Roger served me spaghetti and meat balls then excused himself to the bathroom  I served myself wine but while pouring it I noticed and apple seed on the table near my glass but then it moved. I put the bottle down then moved closer to look at it, it was not a seed but a bug it looked like a bed bug! I felt my skin crawl back I jumped up off the cloth covered seat and held my breath. I took out my phone and started to scratch I immediately searched information on bed bugs this is what I found:

Bed bugs originated in the Middle East in caves where people and bats lived. They were even mentioned in ancient Greece as early as 400 BC.Bed bugs travel between rooms such as apartment complexes, hotels, and even ride share vehicles. They are attracted to dirt, grim, warmth, and carbon dioxide. They are spread by animals, or insects.  If bitten it is self treatable the bites are itchy, red, and in a line. The bites disappear  with time hydrocortizone and antihistamine make recovery quicker.  Roger came back to the table asking me whats wrong I told him he has bed bugs his face dropped. I told him I couldn’t stay thank you for the effort but I didn’t want to take the chance of bringing the bugs home with me luckily I had a change of clothes in my bag in my trunk. We could go out to eat on me then go for a nice outdoor stroll at the park. After that night we dated for another week but we became just friends I could not get past the bed bugs since he didn’t move and worried about his clothes, car, etc.  You really have to get to know someone before you get too close that’s what I learned I just couldn’t date a bed bug. -lmf