5 Minute Escape Where Ever You Are

Here’s some tips about seven on how to get away when you can’t get away on a vacation.

  1. Turn off your smart phone. You can’t escape anything if you are attached to the stress maker which is the source your smart phone. Unless you are looking at something soothing get that thing out of your face and pick up your neck then fix your body’s position. Our bodies are designed to deal with stress intermittently not all day. Removing the source of stress even for a bit allows the body to recover, relax, and restore. Taking more breaks and vacations cuts heart attack risks, cuts stress, so take more of both if you can good luck with that.
  2. Can’t get away? Load up on vacation shots you took on your last get away on your phone. Unlike I said before now you can stare endlessly at your phone at pictures you took. Don’t share on social networks just look at places you went alone so its personal like you were there alone again. Enjoy those restful you did get to have in your break room, living room, bathroom, where ever you get your alone time.
  3. Talk somebody’s ear off, yes talk to everyone or anyone about your past vacation experience. It sounds cheesy but it has benefits it lets you get the stress of and stops any boredom they other person maybe going through before you started your vacation rant.
  4. Keep your bum outside. On your trip you stayed outside hopefully enjoying the sites but when you come back you or some tend to stay trapped back inside work. Researchers have found that negative air ions are created when air molecules are exposed to sunlight…see basically get outside! Take a stroll outside, eat lunch outside, play in the rain safely out of traffic with a rain coat on away from a tree, just get out the stale break room,the office, warehouse wherever and get some doggone air!
  5. Remake those zen sounds. Sounds from the beach getaway like the waves crashing, sounds from the trees swaying in the breeze , those sounds can be downloaded and listened to on the daily to take you on a short mental trip.
  6. Breathe! When you were on vacation you took things slowly breathed slowly with your eyes shut you just took it all in right? OK, so now you are back stressing take a deep breathe, close your eyes and slow down right there where you are. This is an example of body-focused mediation, now close your eyes, place both feet on the floor, breathe deeply through your nose for 6 to 11 mins. Open your eyes how do you feel? Nice short trip right?
  7. Last, the smells from vacation bring you back so all the stuff you stashed from your trip can help you relive that time away for a short vacation while still trapped in purgatory. Use the soaps you took from your hotel bathroom stay to sneak memorable sniffs, shampoo, sand from the beach, etc., carry them through your day with you sniffing with your eyes closed taking yourself back just a little bit. Give yourself a mini vacation from t he daily hustle bustle of your stressful work grind. You will squeeze a small personal smile out.-lmf