6 Tell Tale Ways Your Girlfriend May Know Your Lying

Us women well I’ll say some have a sixth sense about things especially men so we can tell most of the time when we are being lied to. In a relationship with a man makes it easier because then a man gives you little clues that they fail to remember to hide that help make it so much easier to get to the butt of the problem pun intended. Here are 6 that are in my opinion obvious to the naked eye:

  1.  Your brain strains when you pedal right? Well, your brain works extra blood to the anterior ungulate the part of the brain that associates with conflict resolution the fueling of untruths. So this tasked with the visualization helps expand that. Instead of having an argument with your girlfriend having a brain strain trying to think about to what to say next make a peanut butter on apple snack the high boosting vitamin E helps you think quickly on your feet making you think clearly before you speak before you get caught in a bigger lie.
  2. When lying your eyes are always trying give you away. Eyes wander, shift, and avoid contact as you try to focus your eyes to look up to the left the hippo campus (a formation of new memories or rather old memories. I’m thinking the truth along with some sort of emotions) Remember this when trying to spot a liar or your hiding lies or if your girlfriend is looking at you like you’ve just lied.
  3. When you lie your voice loses an octave because your brain is thinking of an excuse to fend for itself. Finally when when something comes up it comes out all at once  making you have to prove your innocence to gain your girlfriends trust making you submissive via your voice tone.
  4.  Now the anxiety you may be feeling from holding a lie drives an urge to protect your vital organs from physical threat even if there is none. This could just be  your guilt pulling at your soul. if she sees you jumping all the time she will smell your fear and know you are hiding something,which could only be a lie. Stop Flinching maybe and tell the truth.
  5. Hand gestures are a tell tale for lying . When bending the truth some put their hand to their mouth to mask deception coming from the lips. The other hand clenches into a fist with fear of being caught then tenses up. This shows signs of a liar that she can spot from the front door.
  6. Lastly, tapping feet relieves stress but after being grilled you may want to run for it before she catches you. It’s fine but if you are tapping then looking for the door while telling your story it could be because your fibbing so just leave.

A solution could be just don’t tell a lie if you can’t talk out your differences then what is the point of being in a relationship if you keep hiding truths from each other just to argue when you do. Be honest or don’t bother.