25 ways to to connect to your Bae

Everything these days is expensive and hectic. I find myself disconnected and too broke to keep up with the newest trends couples do to keep a connection when dating. Well I’m a problem solver I find that’s free so I found these 25 simple tips to keep it cheap and connected while dating bae.

  1. If you want it just ask.
  2. Hold hands, stroke each other’s face, arms, just touch one another.
  3. Text to touch base during the day.
  4. Share memories.
  5. Make new memories.
  6. Buy massage oil.
  7. Use massage oil.
  8. Share dreams.
  9. Listen to each other’s dreams.
  10. Let go and just smile.
  11. Wear each other’s favorite scent.
  12. Be polite to each other.
  13. Create a curse jar.
  14. Create a date night for twice a week.
  15. Have pillow talks.
  16. Cuddle.
  17. Take one bubble bath a week together.
  18. Cook together
  19. Take a cooking class together or watch cooking classes on YouTube.
  20. Kiss hello, good morning, goodnight, and goodbye.
  21. Avoid the blame game or being judgemental.
  22. Apologize when you’re wrong.
  23. Share your hobbies.
  24. Save the granny panties for you only.
  25. Always make time for each other.

Hopefully the more you do together the stronger your relationship will grow. – lmf