Why do lovers expect the other to be a mind reader?

The most important part of a relationship is a smile next to that is communication. I can’t get anywhere in a relationship without them because I need a smile and understanding to get through day to day. We as people change day to day but yet we stick to our routines with these routines we share them with loved ones. If we are blessed to find someone who can stand to  live with us past 24 hours.

Most people can just do things for each other in silence but that’s because before hand they had a meeting of the minds of what they like and don’t like.  You can’t just assume the other person knows you so well they can just do things for you then get upset. When you wake up and your coffee made just the way you like it and gas in your car when you are ready to leave for work.

Ask yourself, Did  you tell the other person you love so much you want that and need that prior so that it was already known?  No? WELL, they can’t read your mind nor you there’s to know what is ion their mind or them ours that is where communication is important everyday unless the other person says, ” Hey, I remember and I got this.” It can be that simple believe it or not.  I  don’t wait for someone to guess what I need or want it takes too long for I don’t want conflict so to avoid that. I ask for help if I need it if the kindness of the other person over takes them to do something for me I am grateful if they see in my routine I would appreciate the extra help.

Just remember it is called teamwork and communication when you share your life with your partner and that it never stops unless you give up on it. – LMF