Waiting room from hell. By lmf

Ok I was late. Left at 9:45am instead of 9:15am for a 10:00am appointment so what does that mean I deserve to be punished for being ten minutes late to the appointment? I would have rather the receptionist tell me I had to reschedule as I walked up from the packed parking lot then to have me sit for almost two hours as a diabetic waiting to be seen for pain as they laugh and cackle behind the receptionist desk. Waiting room had no seats people standing on top of each other as you opened the door. The time now 11: 25am I already went up 20min asking if I should reschedule the receptionist saying ok which was a trick! Another 20min passes and finally the APN witch who caused all of this calls me back to any ole room it seems it didn’t even looked clean. She was condescending and 3min later her sassy med tech comes in asking if she had my urine sample or nah? Nah? I’m more than over this experience, this office, this pain and not to mention my sugar feels low from lack of food now lunch is near.

Finally at the end of the appointment she prescribes what she wants and doesn’t tell me anything it does or what it’s for just retorts a phone call I made before saying other doctor could provide me help if I wasn’t happy. I just shake my head solemnly at this point I m weak I want to leave. Whatever! She wishes me the best shakes me hand like she cares later I looked up what she prescribed me it is a weak form of aspirin you can only get with an RX with side effects like bleeding stomach, diarrhea, vomit, etc. Oh yes she cares so much so fake and evil.

I didn’t even check out after reading all the information i was so let down. I looked around the over packed office got my daughter who I came with for support then walked out. I decided right then I deserve better care, better customer service, better treatment of my time fuck that I’m suffering! I’ll be looking for a new pain management office or just suffer. Damn I’ll keep soaking in Epsom salt. I swear if you don’t like your profession the people included save the time and join the circus.