Subway vs. Wawa for Me





So, I had a craving for a tuna hoagie not a `sub` but a hoagie and it couldn’t have that bland taste I usually got from a Wawa tuna hoagie I needed nostalgia but where would I get that from in the suburbs of South New Jersey where there is a Wawa at every elbow and intersection? I went to places like Panera Bread let me mention real quick I am in no way sponsoring these places nor them me. Anyways I went to seek that old time tuna sandwich taste I ordered a tuna sandwich paid too much money for fancy seeded bread just to get a turkey sandwich with bacon and avocado. I hate avocado but that day I ate it because I drove to far away I also have never seen anyone return a sandwich to the place like a fast food place so I dealt with the $32 dollar sandwich and tiny bag of hard salty chips I picked with no drink because I didn’t want the total to go over 40 bucks. The sandwich was made by a low down person the bacon was from the bottom of the pit the lettuce on it’s last breath just horrible.

I gave up for like two weeks then I had to drive out of town with my family and didn’t pack a lunch or bring a snack which I need being diabetic so I knew I would have to stop for something to eat. Being picky I didn’t want just anything and with my health it couldn’t just be anything. In the back of my mind I still wanted the damn tuna that tasted like the tuna sandwich I had as a kid not too dry just right with all fresh ingredients but who does that today use fresh anything? I was rushing to get done appointments I didn’t want to get too hungry and have to eat fast food where there are no healthy choices. Time got away from us and we had to stop and we spotted a bagel shop thank gawd everyone said no then we saw a Subway I said sure lets give them a try its been awhile since there 12 foot scandal lets see how they fixed things plus I use to enjoy how their breads were different flavors and baked fresh.

I waited in the car because I hated  watching them make the hoagies asking how much I wanted on my it when I was hungry knowing damn well I wanted extra everything I mean duh I am starving. I ordered a tuna hoagie with lettuce, tomatoes, and American cheese on an Italian roll with Cheddar Harvest Chips (all the health nuts fall back I’m sure you win’t be here to see 200 years old either) I even got a Vitamin water Dragon flavor the price under $32! Yes way! When I bit into this tuna hoagie when they brought it to me I went back into time like I was teleported it tasted just like when I was a kid. Everything was so fresh it was such a big difference from WAWA which lately taste bland and like the shifts give you whatever is left out as if they don’t want to waste a thing or bake a roll. Now think about it Subway has to open at a certain time and put out new stuff where  as Wawa just stays open 24 hours and has to trust its workers will refresh the deli items which they don’t always do because the taste proves it. When a person who is miserable makes your food you can taste it and see it and I taste it and see it all the time that’s why when I had Subway it was so refreshing to have a great tuna hoagie something so simple.

Now, will I stop going to one for the other? No, I have more WaWas than Subways in my town with a few Royal Farms popping up in the convenient gas store battle field and they are a whole other story but I will choose to stop to buy gas or little things. When there is such a big monopoly going on as a consumer you don’t have much choice. It sucks because sucky service wins while my wallet loses.  Till next time.