Keeping Strong in a Relationship

Exactly as the meme above states there are rules to have kick ass results in life. Life is a chain of events so is your relationships they can be broken or strengthened by the actions you take in life or don’t. I’m going to take each point made and translate it into what it means to me. Maybe the reflections can help someone or give inspiration.

1. Failure could be making a burger but then you burn the meat you feel dinner is over but no you saved yourself from a cholesterol full meal. You don’t stop there though you bought that ground beef why waste it make chile.

2. This one is an example of a relationship I saw where the man left his babies mother for single woman with no kids in another country. He totally abandoned the mother of his two kids ran off then had 9 kids with the other woman never keeping in touch with his two children or telling one family about the other until 25 years later when the first woman died. In this situation the 1st woman didn’t hire a private investigator and go after what was hers therefore losing it all.

3. “Always do more than what’s expected than you.” That means if someone says get out and don’t come back you should take the fridge with you or help yourself to their car I mean how else will you get to where you need to go? Shall you starve?

4. If your boss tells you you got a raise check your pants or nipples to make sure and if nothing happens ask why nothing has raised.

5. Make peace not war. Call your enemy up invite them over for dinner then cancel. Text later begging for a truce. Plead it’s just you being fair.

6. Don’t think just show up. It may be called stalking but hey to each their own.

7. Don’t compare, dare.

8. Be a know it all and if they don’t listen repeat yourself repeatedly.

These will keep any relationship strong with yourself and others. 🤣