Live Like A team player BY LMF

What better way to live life than to live as if you are part of a team all the time. This way you are not being selfish right but putting others before yourself. This is an esoteric responsibility that’s missing from our culture. When you do so you are are acting ethically you are asking oneself how do I treat others, right? How do I fit a team? What id your part? That is a positive step so don’t stop ask those questions it is a great step!

Keeping Your Skin Youthful In Our Aging Environment by lmf

Time is moving so fast and taking everything with it our looks included it seems. I keep my skin looking youthful as time screams by with natural ingredients and by practicing a ‘clean’ eating philosophy, well I try. I also try to to extend that ‘clean’ routine to my face routine.

Bed Bug 1st Date

Usually, I don’t except a date at someones home but he was such a sweet guy so when he said he would cook a romantic meal and we would watch the newest episode of “Stranger Things” I was like sure! It was our third date we always went to a nice restaurant I wanted him … Read moreBed Bug 1st Date

5 Minute Escape Where Ever You Are

Here’s some tips  about seven on how to get away when you can’t get away on a vacation. 

 Turn off your damn smart phone. You can’t escape anything if you are attached to the stress maker which is the source your smart phone. Unless you are looking at something soothing get that thing out of your face and pick up your neck then fix your body’s position.

6 Tell Tale Ways Your Girlfriend May Know Your Lying

Us women well I’ll say some have a sixth sense about things especially men so we can tell most of the time when we are being lied to. In a relationship with a man makes it easier because then a man gives you little clues that they fail to remember to hide that help make it so much easier to get to the butt of the problem pun intended. Here are 6 that are in my opinion obvious to the naked eye:

Why do lovers expect the other to be a mind reader?

The most important part of a relationship is a smile next to that is communication. I can’t get anywhere in a relationship without them because I need a smile and understanding to get through day to day. We as people change day to day but yet we stick to our routines with these routines we … Read moreWhy do lovers expect the other to be a mind reader?

Waiting room from hell. By lmf

Ok I was late. Left at 9:45am instead of 9:15am for a 10:00am appointment so what does that mean I deserve to be punished for being ten minutes late to the appointment? I would have rather the receptionist tell me I had to reschedule as I walked up from the packed parking lot then to … Read moreWaiting room from hell. By lmf

Desperado by LaShanda MF

  DESPERADO by lmf   Go ahead and mess my head up, i should love me first, today I lack the strength to so you may have me, see the flame is flickering snapping side to side burning like my happiness, my heads whipping side to side slapping in different positions, it’s twisted the heat, … Read moreDesperado by LaShanda MF

Keeping Strong in a Relationship

Exactly as the meme above states there are rules to have kick ass results in life. Life is a chain of events so is your relationships they can be broken or strengthened by the actions you take in life or don’t. I’m going to take each point made and translate it into what it means … Read moreKeeping Strong in a Relationship